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Wallaby Fur


Is the native wallaby population threatened? No


Sustainability of the naturally occurring Bennett’s wallaby population is central to everything we do. The long-term sustainability of this resource is ensured through rigorous annual government monitoring of the population to ensure numbers remain high. In fact, the current Tasmanian wallaby population is over 5 million animals.


Is it legal? Yes


Our harvesting operations are undertaken in accordance with strict Government regulations. All Harvesters are licensed by the government and must have permits to harvest from each property they operate on. Our premise is licensed and operated exactly like any other meat producing premise and both it and our Harvesters are regularly audited by Government Inspectors.


Are wallabies farmed? No


All the wallaby we process is harvested directly from their natural environment, without interference by man.  We like to think this is a more sustainable way of producing meat and fibre.


Can I be certain the wallabies you utilise have been dispatched instantaneously and didn't suffer?


Tasmanian government inspectors audit our harvesters on a regular basis by going out on actual wallaby hunts with them and monitoring their competency.  They have the authority to act if the harvester does not consistently deliver intentaneous dispatch.  However the government consistently reports standards are extremely high.


How to return  


If you’re not satisfied feel free to let us know for a refund or replacement.  We simply ask that you do so within 7 days of receiving the goods via an email to and we will arrange the return of the goods.




Domestic shipping


All goods will be shipped via Australia Post parcel post.  Delivery takes 3-6 days depending on location.  We have tracking numbers for all parcels so we can track them for you.



International shipping 


We can ship internationally, however costs vary.  If you want anything sent overseas it’s best to email us directly via




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