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Wallaby and possum fibre is sensational stuff, and great for home spinning and felting. Both have their very own and unique soft feel and can readily blend with any wool or other fibre.


These are uniquely Tasmanian products, even the New Zealand possums came from Tasmania in the first place. Lenah harvests wallaby and possum principally to produce meat, the fibre is a terrific by product.


The harvest is strictly controlled by both the Tasmanian and Federal governments to ensure it is sustainable and humane. These are products which this land wishes to give us, naturally. These are the animals which belong here. What can make greater environmental wisdom than us, in this land, producing our food and fibre from the animals which belong here?


Neither wallaby nor possum emit methane. Methane is 21 times worse than carbon dioxide as a global warming gas. So these fibres are a true greenhouse friendly option.

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