Lenah Game Meats are suppliers of unique tanned brushtail possum skins for Aboriginal cloak manufacture as well as related products.


Lenah harvests brush tail possum under Tasmanian Government licence and the meat is sold, ensuring full use of the animal.


  • The harvest is tightly regulated to ensure it is both sustainable and humane.

  • Tasmania is the only state in Australia that it is legal to harvest possums for commercial purposes.

  • Hides come in a mix of approx. 30% red and 70% grey coat colour.


In addition to fur we can provide yarn and products for traditional cultural purposes such as sinews and teeth. 


Please contact John Kelly. Email John @lenah.com.au for more details.,

A Boorai Welcome to country blanket

The City of Whittlesea Deadly Elders Group and young mums made a Boorai Welcome to Country Blanket. Many Aboriginal language groups have a tradition of giving new borns and young children a possum that contains "their own story".


Lenah is able to work in partnership with individuals and Aboriginal groups to supply Tasmanian possum, wallaby and kangaroo skins as well as sinew, teeth and bone to make a range of traditional items.

Miirriyindi’s Cloak