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Wuggs    Media Kit

Tasmanian wallaby  fur boots - Luxurious, sustainable, comfort



Wuggs Bio

Bio of Wuggs

Lenah was established 30 years ago, to grow markets for wallaby meat. We believe in utilizing animals that are native to this land, belong here and do not have the negative environmental impact of introduced species, such as cattle and sheep. We’ve been quite successful with the wallaby meat side, supplying over 100 restaurants per year and making wallaby meat available to the public, through 200 supermarkets. Sadly, most of our skins still go to waste, which to us, is unacceptable. Wuggs are our vision to change this, and we’ve developed a uniquely Tasmanian boot made from our skins. We’re delighted to be able to provide consumers a more eco-friendly, sustainable, and neutral carbon boot, that is made to last. 

Environmental Cred 

Wuggs were designed with the environment in mind and have loads of environmental credibility:


  • Wallaby, emit almost no methane, making Wuggs a low carbon footwear option.

  • Wallaby are super-abundant here in Tasmania. Their populations are growing, and the government has tight regulations to ensure the harvest is sustainable.

  • Wallaby have very low water requirements.

  • Wallaby have soft feet which are gentle on fragile Australian soils. 

  • Wuggs are made from the skins of animals processed for meat, ensuring these beautiful skins are utilized rather than wasted

  • Wallaby leather is stronger and softer, meaning Wuggs are made to last.


More details at

Enviromental Cred

Wuggs are uniquely designed and Australian Made

Comfort isn't a single word

For us, Wuggs are more than just comfort and have been designed with longevity in mind.


We are so sure Wuggs are “the better boot” that we commissioned RMIT University to test them out. They found that Wuggs are superior to woolen uggs in that they are a sweat free boot amongst a raft of other unique advantages. – Read RMIT Report here


Comfort to us is more than a single word. It’s a whole experience. Wuggs are:

  • Low Sweat and light weight

  • Warm, soft and comfortable with added heel support

  • Sustainable and ethically produced.

  • Australian mage and uniquely Tasmanian

  • Personally hand branded

Wuggs also come with a love at first touch guarantee. More details at



Past Media

Past Media

Tas Country 

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The Weekend Australian Magazine 

Country Hour

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