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A kangaroo floor skin rug is the iconic Australian gift, but ours are a little special. Coming from Tasmania, the last land mass before Antartica, our kangaroo skins are much furrier than others taken from desert country. All our skins are from animals harvested under government licence to be processed for meat.


Length and Pricing


  • Medium - Length (including tail): 120 -130 cm, Width (at widest point): 80 - 90 cm. Price: $70
  • Large - Length (including tail): 130 -140 cm, Width (at widest point): 90 - 100 cm. Price: $93.50
  • XLarge - Length (including tail): 140 -160 cm, Width (at widest point): 100 - 120 cm. Price: $110 - 



Our extra large skin is 'like real big old man roo large'.


Please note - Postage costs may vary and an extra invoice may be required at the time of dispatch to cover postage costs. 



GST Included

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