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  • Warm and luxurious comfort
  • Suitable for any bedroom
  • Environmentally sustainable


Give your bedroom that special touch with one of our luxurious fur bed spreads. Create a warm and cosy haven, where you can relax, rest and forget about the cares of the day.


Taking Care of Your Bedspread


Your new bedspread will last a lifetime.


  • Wallaby fur is a fairly durable item and simply must be treated with common sense.  Furs like cold, hate heat.  They don’t like friction, or chemicals.  They like space, and to be cleaned – but only by a fur professional.
  • Ideally your fur should not be exposed to direct sunlight (which will fade your fur) or heat.
  • Avoid insecticides, moth proofing, and other chemicals around on your fur, including perfumes, hairspray and makeup.  Perfume contains alcohol, which can dry your pelts. Once a perfume gets into your fur it will be there to stay.
  • If your fur gets wet, don’t panic.  Most furs can handle a little bit of moisture, if it gets wet hang it to dry in a well ventilated room. Please resist the temptation to speed the drying process with a hairdryer or near a heat source.  Remember furs do not like heat.  After it dries you can then shake it again. Comb or brush it gently if the hairs seem a little bristly.  If your fur has been soaked thru, however, take it immediately to a professional fur cleaner (not a standard dry cleaner).
  • If your fur gets very dirty have it cleaned by a professional fur cleaner. Besides just cleaning, this conditions your fur.
  • When you fur is not in use, ideally hang it in a spacious cupboard.

Available in other sizes – please enquire.


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