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Wugg Boots -


$299.00 inc GST and delivery within Australia 




  • Luxurious, sustainable, comfort
  • Love at First Touch Guarantee  
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Eco friendly Tasmanian product


They are sensationally warm and soft and you have simply a great boot. 


Wuggs are made from Tasmanian wallaby fur as a by-product of our sustainable wallaby meat harvest.


Wuggs are a softer, warmer and more comfortable boot featuring;

  • Ultra, luxurious wallaby fur lining
  • Wallaby leather is unique, it's stronger and softer than any other leather
  • Wallaby fur allows your feet to breathe, avoiding sweat and odour accumulation
  • Planet friendly credentials - wallabies don't emit methane, so you can wear our boots with a carbon free conscience.


Encompassing all the features of the classic Ugg boot, the Wugg boot is trimmed with hand selected wallaby fur, adding extra comfort and warmth. 


Wuggs have a sustainable soul

All of our wallaby is wild sourced in Tasmania from their natural environment under strict Government control and regulation. The Tasmanian government has been monitoring the wallaby population for 50 years and have well developed systems to ensure the population remains extremely abundant. There are over 3 million wallabies in Tasmania and their population is increasing. We harvest less than 2% of the population per year, this assists farmers to reduce the impact of large numbers of wallaby on their farms.


Reducing Emissions

Methane is produced in large quantities in the stomachs of farmed animals such as cattle and sheep. Methane gas emissions from livestock account for over 10% of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Wallaby have different digestive systems and emit almost no methane.


Use less water

Wallaby water consumption is 70% less than sheep and almost 90% less than beef. Tasmanian wallaby is the natural choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.


Zero Waste

We are committed to utilising the whole animal. We use all parts of the animals we harvest so there is minimal waste. By turning the hides into Wuggs we can fully close the loop.


They are sensationally warm and soft and you have simply a great boot.


Please choose your size carefully, whilst we will happily swap undamaged wuggs if the size you selected don’t fit we will expect you to pay the postage for both the returned pair and the new pair.”


If you have a high inner we suggest you go up a size 









    Wugg Boots are made from Tasmanian wallaby fur which is a by-product of our sustainable, humane wild harvested wallaby for meat.  Wallaby are super-abundant in Tasmania, there’s millions of them.  Our harvest is strictly regulated by Government to ensure the sustainability of the resource. 

    Wallaby emit almost no methane  and Wuggs are perhaps the most environmentally friendly footwear you’ll ever own!



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